Donate To Japanese Students Preparing For Missions

Please Give To Help Tokyo Christian University

Giving To Tokyo Christian University means you will be providing:D3B_9299+

  • Support for students preparing to enter Christian ministry and missionary work in Japan and around the world
  • Support for a unique program in Japan that trains students to serve Christ as ministers, as well as organizational and corporate leaders around the world.
  • Support for training Japanese to meet the needs of Japan’s aging society through care work for elderly and disabled people, as well as relief work among victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku, Japan, and of the nuclear accident in Fukushima
  • Room and board for students with financial needs

Tokyo Christian University (TCU) needs your help right now  to continue educating students for Christian service and leadership in a country with a Christian population of less than 1%. Every charitable gift, small or large, is important to us.

Your donations will support TCU’s commitment to educate students to serve Jesus Christ, and to develop in them the mind, character, and compassion of Christ so that they might live out their callings and impact the Japanese nation and beyond.

Please Give To TCU

  1. logoDonate to Japan’s TCU online now via TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) which is set up to securely accept your donations
  2. 100% of your donations will be sent to Tokyo Christian University and used for supporting its students and educational programs
  3. Gifts are tax deductible

Looking for a Charity? Support Tokyo Christian University

TCU is an important center for Christian education and mission in Japan. TCU’s campus is in Chiba New Town, Japan, near the heart of Tokyo, and with convenient access to Narita Airport.

What is Tokyo Christian University?

  • DSC_4706+Unites students of diverse backgrounds who live, learn, and serve with a high purpose, that Christ is all and is in all.
  • Is the only evangelical institution accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), accreditation that is recognized around the world.
  • Educates the heart and the mind for leadership, service, evangelism, and mission.
  • Provides a Christ-centered liberal arts education at the undergraduate level, and a theology and ministry training program at the graduate level (M.Div. equivalent).
  • Offers bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees in theology.

Thank you for your interest in giving to Tokyo Christian University. Thank you for your prayers, and thank you for your financial support.

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