What Is Tokyo Christian University?

TCU is the premiere evangelical university in Japan. TCU:

  • D3S_2678+Unites students from all over the world who live, learn, and serve with a high purpose, that Christ is all and is in all.
  • Is the only evangelical institution accredited by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), accreditation that is recognized around the world.
  • Educates the heart and the mind for leadership, service, evangelism, and mission.
  • Provides a Christ-centered liberal arts education at the undergraduate level, and a theology and ministry training program at the graduate level (M.Div. equivalent).
  • Offers bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees in theology.

Thank you for your interest in giving to Tokyo Christian University. Thank you for your prayers…
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Our Commitment

D3B_8986+Tokyo Christian University is committed to the Christ-centered pursuit of the liberal arts for the purpose of educating and training students to become mature Christian men and women of integrity who are equipped as bridge people to serve God’s church and world.



TokyoChristianUniversityA Message from the President

In TCU’s logo, the circle inside the shield of faith represents the world. It is Christ – represented by XP, the first two letters of “Christ” in Greek – who stands in the breach and heals it.

DSC_3874aThis concept is also reflected in the structure of TCU’s chapel. The 3 intersecting domes are an image of an imperfect and divided world. The cross of Christ stands at the point where they intersect and come together.


With these images in mind, we have made “Stand in the Gap: Christ’s Peace in Broken Places” TCU’s concept for university reform. For our desire is to train “people who bring Christ’s peace in broken places.” People united to Christ, who stands in the breach between God and humans, and in every breach among humans themselves.

Yoichi Yamaguchi
President, Tokyo Christian University

A Brief History of TCU

Firmly rooted in the Evangelical tradition, Tokyo Christian University spans 125 years of Japan’s 140-year Protestant history.


TCU emerged out of a merger of three Christian schools. The oldest, founded in 1881 in Yokohama, focused on women’s education, at a time when Japan offered women few opportunities for higher education. In 1949 the Tokyo Christian Theological Seminary came into existence, and 1950 saw the establishment of the Japan Domei Institute by TEAM Missionary Donald E. Hoke, a classmate of Billy Graham. These three schools merged in 1980, with the goal of upgrading into a full-fledged university while maintaining the seminary as a distinct graduate program with its own identity.

D3S_2611aa+In 1993, the university gained full recognition and autonomy from the Japanese national department of education. Having achieved the approval of the Japanese national department of education, the transition from the junior college to the university took place between 1990 and 1993. The university admitted its first group of students in 1990, when the junior college graduated its final class. In 1993, the university gained full recognition and autonomy from the Japanese national department of education, and continues in this status today.


Learn more about Tokyo Christian University at the following official web sites:

Official Web Site | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

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